Pencil sketch Pencil sketch Lisa and Marks Children Kelly Clarkson pencil sketch Pencil sketch of George and Vince eyes closeup pencil sketch Eminem pencil sketch
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Pencil Sketch

Commission. 24/04/11

Pencil Sketch

Commission. 15/04/11

Lisa and Marks Children

Commission. Sketch of Lisa and Marks Children. 11/07/11

Kelly Clarkson Pencil Sketch

I liked the composition of the photo, so I decided to quickly sketch it, as I haven't sketched for ages! 07/04/08

Pencil Sketch of George and Vince

This was a pre-wedding gift, which was made into an A4 card for everyone to sign. 05/07/10

Eyes Closeup Pencil Sketch

Eminem Pencil Sketch